K2 Smart Lock

Say Goodbye to Keys

K2 Smart Lock

Multiple Ways to Unlock the Door


  • Fingerprint

  • Password

  • Card

  • Key

Multi-dimensional Biometric Fingerprint Recognition Technology

Accurate Recognition, High Security, Anti-counterfeit Identification

Fingerprint Scanner with Ergonomic Design and Super Wear-Resistant Material

Perfect Combination of Aesthetics and Ergonomics

Anti Peeping Password

You can add any number before and after the effective password when necessary.

  • Garbled Input

  • Correct Input

  • Garbled Input

Wrong-Try Lock-Out

If incorrect security codes or unregistered fingerprins or card keys are attempted for several times in a row, the system will lock out.

Tamper Alarm

The alarm will go off if anyone attempts to damage the lock or forces the door open.

Lock the Door from the Inside

Enjoy Peace of Mind While at Home

Multi-dimensional Biometric Fingerprint Recognition Technology

Lower Power Consumption, Faster Processing Speed

A Full Range of Professional Tests

More Durable, More Reliable

  • 12-Month Battery Life (10 Times/Day)

  • 300,000Times of Fingerprint Reading Test

  • 100,000Times of Handle Turning Test

  • 96Hours of Salt Spray Test

  • -10℃ - 55℃Working Temperature

  • <4.8VLow Power Alert

Secure Structure and Exquisite Craft

  • Ergonomic Design
  • One-Piece Panel Design
  • Built-in Doorbell
  • Matte Texture Frame & Handle
  • In-Mould Lamination (IML) Technology
  • Zinc Alloy One-Piece Design

Easy to Use for Every Family Member

  • Parents
  • Kids
  • The Elder
  • Friends, Relatives and Nannies